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H. E. Hasan Abgal

Minister of Finance

The Ministry of Finance is led by Minister of Finance H.E. Hassan Shire Abdi.

Minister’s Message

Our main Objective is to ensure efficient, effective and accountable use of public resources as a basis for economic development and poverty eradication through improved service delivery.

We made a great strides in fulfilling our mandate by providing policy guidance that has led to remarkable achievements in currently implementing Public Financial Management Reform program (PFM) that includes reforms to improve the budgeting process, increase domestic revenues, automate the country’s payment system and build the capacity of our public servants to better manage the country’s finances.

The Financial reform program will improve the government’s capacity to utilize public funds more effectively, meet the Ministry of finance Plan and strategies.

This program will help us to achieve the highest possible efficiency, transparency and accountability in the allocation, management and use of public finances. The effective and efficient use of taxpayers’ money requires sound financial management, full transparency and effective payment process. These reforms will help ensure the Puntland State of Somalia to be a trusted custodian of the nation’s financial resources.

You may contact the H. E. Hasan Abgal  by mail at:

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