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To be a highest institution that provides a high quality financial management and accounting services to the government.


To carryout timely, reliable and accurate financial management services in line with national legal and regulatory framework and international standards in promoting public sector accountability, transparency and value for money.


  • To assist public entities in making effective decisions.
  • To enhance public entities’ accountability and transparency.
  • To develop qualified, skilled and motivated accounting officers.
  • To account for government expenditure, revenue and assets as well as manage all government accounts to achieve appropriate financial controls through maintaining value for money.


  • To prepare accurate and timely financial reports in line with international standards and best practices
  • To provide proper accounting guidelines, instructions and established procedures for financial management functions in public institutions
  • To provide technical and soft skills trainings to the public sector accounting officers.
  • To capacitate accounting officers and maintain compliance with relevant financial regulation and policies.