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Abdalla Guure


Abdalla currently worked for Media and Production Office of the Puntland Ministry of Finance

Mr. Abdalle also previously worked with the Puntland State House as an active member of the Information Department. Returning to the Private Photography of the President He also became the Report Writer of the Office of the President of the Media.

Abdalla also came from
Former Benadir Regional Administration Deputy Director of Information and Program
Office Manufacturer.

Prior to deciding to join the government, he had previously worked for the Independent Family and Services Agency for the Somali family service SFS and Somali Star TV for Puntland.

Abdalla holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Benadir University in Mogadishu, holds Attained Certificate of Diploma Journalism at OTTI School in Boosaaso.

Mobile- +252907428542
WhatsApp-number +252906799601